About Us

Our construction carpentry and heavy metalwork company was founded in 1906 in the city of Fiume.
In 1958 part of the production was converted to focus on the design, building and assembly of equipment and systems required for producing pre-fabricated reinforced vibrated and pre-stressed concrete elements for civil and industrial building; all custom-made and ready for use.
Our distinguishing feature is the enormous care we take in achieving our customers' varied and specific requirements by applying our experience and research into new technologies to resolving every request with a number of different solutions.
Furthermore, we have developed oil-pressured systems and mechanical devices able to satisfy the needs of individual customers in accordance with the type of equipment they require.
With our machinery for cutting and shaping ferrous materials, we can create the finished product by directly performing all the construction and assembly stages, from design, to the development and measuring of the raw materials used for construction, assembly and activation at our customers' premises.
We have been collaborating for many years with a network of companies within our area in the building of industrial pre-fabricated reinforced concrete factories abroad.   
As a consequence, expert technicians, support organisations, specialised companies and qualified staff are at our disposal to supply the "finished product", including ad hoc completion in loco.
References guaranteeing the quality of our products, both in Italy and abroad, can be supplied.